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September 09, 2008

Don’t change KCI

Some people want to replace KCI with a new single-building facility (9/7, Local, “Airport proposal gains traction”). I love KCI. To me it’s one of the best-designed, most passenger-friendly airports in the world. I don’t think it is any less safe than Denver International Airport or any other airport is when it comes to stopping terrorists. In fact, I know it’s not.

If the airlines don’t want to make KCI a hub, so be it. They all lose money anyway, so why should we spend billions on a new airport to subsidize them when the one we have is just great?

Brian K. Kegerreis
Overland Park


Stifled Freedom

They want that airport changed. By dam with the common good, common sense, and the people's will. They are going to do what govt is good at.....ignoring the facts so they can spend a trillion dollars of tax payer money on this new airport.

Pub 17

...and with inline skate shoes...


"....walked her to the counter, checked in, got her in line to the secure area, she passed through the gate and waved goodbye. I left, and in EIGHT MINUTES I was leaving KCI."

Use a skycap and you could have done it in 4 minutes.

Pub 17

I put my wife on a plane at KCI to visit relatives in another time zone last week. We pulled up to the lower-level circle parking, took her luggage inside, walked her to the counter, checked in, got her in line to the secure area, she passed through the gate and waved goodbye. I left, and in EIGHT MINUTES I was leaving KCI.

Try that at O'Hare.


The push for a single terminal seems to be geared towards more retail revenue. Our current facility, with lots of short security lines, discourages someone from spending extra hours in the airport, thereby reducing the potential profit of all those bookstores and restaurants.

This proposal is about increasing ancillary businesses profits, not about maintaining a viable airport for the city. If the concern were really about "bigger" planes required for international flights, the cost effective solution would be to build the fourth terminal (which was originally planned for) capable of handling these demands.

T. Hanson

Cas I agree.. but you know how these projects work.

First a problem needs to be found. Then a committee will be formed and talk about it for about 5-10 years. Then the public will be notified what the new airport will look like and public debates will last 2 years. Contacts need to be took which can last 1 year. The committee reforms and decides which bid to take another year, then you have to send the bid to the FAA, and wait approval 6 months. Then rebid to accept the new cost of materials and labor another 6 months. Then you can start ground breaking on the 5 year project.

Projected opening date: 2024

Which would make the airport around 50 years old.


Didn't we just finish sinking something like $200M into this airport?

One thing I have to say about KCI, it is the only airport I use on a regular basis where I only need 20 minutes to park my car, go through security and board my flight. Doesn't sound like it needs fixin to me.


Lost in airport???? LOST?? AYSM?

Now I understand the rest of the posts...

Save the whales, hug a tree, Ohmmmmmmm!

T. Hanson

The main thing I wish they would do at this airport is a reliable dedicated inter-termianal transportation. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about, Dallas, Orlando has this. Heck make a smaller scale light rail. Then we can see how the trial works.

Art Chick

I've flown all over, and I agree withthe writer. KCI is nearly impossible to get lost in. I have been lost in many airports, which seem as though they were designed by someone who was hallucinating at the time. There is nothing wrong with it, so stop trying to saddle the taxpayers with yet more to pay for.

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