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September 12, 2008

Don’t fall for siding scam

I would like to warn everyone of a scam I fell for recently.

I was contacted by a person stating that there was a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the siding on my home. “Bill” came by the next day and showed me damage and that I could be included in the lawsuit. He had a company badge and paperwork and answered all my questions.

I was told I would have to pay an “admin fee” to join, which I did. I don’t trust easily, and I don’t throw money at anyone who knocks at my door. I was ignorant, but I wasn’t seeing dollar signs. The amount he said I may receive wouldn’t even cover the cost to repaint the house.

After not hearing back from anyone, I became suspicious. The phone number I was given is disconnected, and the check was cashed at my bank the day after I wrote it.

“Bill” was convincing, and I wanted to write this so nobody else falls for it.

And to “Bill”: You were good. You fooled me. Why don’t you use the talent you have to get a job instead of being a thief?

Dylan Borns
Grain Valley



This guy "Bill" I suspect also goes by the name of Bill Roberts, who gave me the same phone number,
816-337-7926, called me and claimed to BE an attorney.
He is a con artist...period.
He also gave me an address for him which turned out to be ficticious too.
If you do a reverse search on the website called whitepages you will see that the phone owner is currently listed as,"Telemarketing Professionals"

Meanwhile, don't give this guy any money for anything and call the police right away if he shows up at your door.


We too were approached by this "Bill". We did not pay anything but we did give him some of our information. The phone numbers he gave me are 816-337-7926, 816-988-7373 and a fax 800-373-4603. I have have left several messages but nobody has returned my call. If anyone comes up with any information please post it as my neighbors are interested in this too!

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