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September 13, 2008

Fighting factory farms’ stench

We commend The Star in supporting restrictions on placement of factory hog and chicken farms near state historic sites (9/2, Opinion, “Tougher laws needed to regulate hog farms”). However, folks visiting historic sites can leave when the unbelievable stench rolls in.

Those of us farmers who have had the misfortune to have factory hog farms come into our areas have no such luxury. We have to endure, while Department of Natural Resources does nothing.

My farm and residence is six miles from 140,000 hogs and four miles from 80,000 hogs. The factory hog farm proposed for near Arrow Rock was for far fewer.

Citizen Legal Environmental Action Network represents about 70 farm families who have fought factory hog farms for over a decade. Sadly, we still have to endure the stink.

Rolf Christen
Secretary CLEAN (Citizen Legal Environmental Action Network)
Green City, Mo.


Art Chick

several months ago, i read an expose' in Rolling stone magazine, about the biggest factory pig farm in the us, and its illegal practices like waste dumping, etc. The guy was a worker, if I recall, and went in undercover to get the real truth.
It's a very enlightening article, and in fact has made me swear off pork on principle since I read it. I'm sure it could be found in archives or something...everyone should read it, become a little more informed about what REALLY goes on on a corporate farm...sick!

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