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September 08, 2008

GOP lacking diversity

I don’t see many people of color at the GOP convention. I don’t see many young people there, either. If Republicans were truly the party for the people, they could attract more than old white people. I think GOP stands for Grumpy Old People.

Jack Myers
Overland Park



I saw a couple black people at the convention. It was pretty easy to spot, since there was about 1 for every 5000 white persons there. They stuck out like a bum at the Jewel Ball


Donna Shalala
Madeline Albright
Federico Pena
Hazel O'Leary
Ronald Brown
Janet Reno
Jesse Brown

Just to name a few. Now go read something not authored by a Fox New pundit.


He had a woman(which btw is no big deal) and Ron Brown, who else Hoppy?


I have to agree with Rougy there. Bush in particular has done an excellent job promoting diversity within his cabinet. But to be fair, Clinton did too.


Lets see now Horsey. Gen. Colin Powell, Secretary of Defense, Secrtary of State Rice, AG Gonazles, Supreme Court Justice Thomas. All appointed by Republicans. Now Bill Clinton put in, er, ah, and yes he nominated, uh, uh....

Dan Beyer

It's because the Democrats are good liars. That's too bad though because the Republican Party offers much more Hope for Change.


There were people of color all over the GOP event.

The man tending bar. The man emptying trash cans. The plumber who kept the restrooms functioning. The guys that set up all those chairs. The people that trucked in all those flags and signs and placed them conveniently near each delegate's seat. The man tending the "McCain-Palin08" souvenir stand.

People of color EVERYWHERE.

Many young people were also there. They were out in front of the arena, getting tear-gassed for protesting.

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