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September 29, 2008

Just don’t get pregnant

I read what has to be the most ridiculous letter (9/23, “Consider abortion when you vote”). I can answer all of her questions with one simple answer: Quit having unprotected sex and getting pregnant!

If you truly believe it one’s right to get pregnant over and over again when one can’t afford the children one already has, then it is my right as a taxpayer and fellow citizen to tell you maybe it’s time to get your tubes tied. Or maybe find a different way to spend your spare time that doesn’t involve getting pregnant.

And your best question was “What am I to do?” One simple answer: Stop getting pregnant. It’s not rocket science.

Robert Ragan
Overland Park



solomon & TA
Here are a few names: 1.Thomas Sowell 2. Walter Williams 3. Larry Elder 4. Herman Cain 5. Ward Connerly 6. Alan Keyes 7. Bill Cosby 8. Condi rice 9. Clarence Thomas 10. Colin Powell


My grandparents converted their garage into an "apartment" while my father used his GI Bill to go to college and get his first livijng wage job.

How did my grandfather get enough money to do this? He was a Teamster Organizer throughout the Depression. He fought in the streets for a living wage and other simple things you and I take for granted.


No, justaman, we HAVE the laws, conservatives just don't want to fund the enforcement. Government IS the problem, y'know.


I fully agree it takes two to tango and the man is just as responsible or more so than the woman for the child. However, our unwillingness or failure to hold the father accountable does not justify allowing abortion. Why don't liberal woman fight as hard to change the law to force men to pay support? Could it be lack of support is not the true reason liberals support abortion?

And Jack - your parents could not afford you? Who did they take money from to pay for you?


Hey BuddyT....three still too difficult, I'll even spot you Al Jolson and the Cisco Kid....just name one.

Don't say I play the race card when your entire deck is TV Magic cards. You know, BS.


That wasn't Rogue, it was BuddyT.

Wonder how many of his brothers in arms went on to become race hustlers when they came home.


Rogue: Didn't you "kid about" Arabs a while back? How did that work out for you?

Here is a little challenge my father taught me:

Q: What has two backs, four legs and no brain?


A "Strokin" reference......whoosh

hey BuddyT, 5 to hard, lets have 3


Alan Keyes...
That Gonzales guy...
Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter...
How many 'zat?


maybe your struggling to name 6, make it 5



Not everything is about race, but I do enjoy commenting when idiots say stupid things about race.

here's a funny quiz just for you....name six blacks or hispanics whose views on race or politics you respect.


Hell, Solomon with you and No More everything has to do with "race". I kid about Indians and you come unglued. I just assumed when I said "victim mentality" it would trigger your card playing gene.



What does this have to do with race? You're drinking earlier than usual today.


Nah, it is just another example of the "victim menatality".

Ok Solomon your clue to play your race card again....btw, you need to get a new one, this one is about shot!


The lack of personal responsibility exists on both sides of the equation, men AND women. The difference, that the letter writer was addressing, is that more often it is the man who has the option to leave, abandoning his family and leaving the burden upon the mother. As such, and to avoid the burden of being a single-parent when unprepared to do so, a woman has the ability to remedy the situation through her own actions (or lack thereof).

I am reminded of the joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says "Doc, it hurts when I do this". "Well", answers the doctor, "Don't do that".



Two people can be as irresponsible as one. The tango is a passionate and complicated dance.


Ok, starting right now you and every other man on the planet are cut off from nookie. How long do you think that will last? It's always the woman's fault, isn't it? It's HER responsibility alone to use birth control, right? Isn't that what you're saying? Last time I checked it takes two to tango and if the stupid men would take responsibility for their actions (making a baby)there would be a heck of a lot fewer abortions. What a moronic letter!!!


very rarely is there an unwanted pregnancy....there is such a thing as an irresponsible pregnancy


“Gee. Brilliiant. Why didn't I think of that?” - jack

Don’t feel bad jack, it’s a natural side effect from our nations love affair with avoiding personal responsibility.


Gee. Brilliiant. Why didn't I think of that?

BTW: According to my parents, if they had waited until they could "afford" children, my sister and I would never have been born. Neither would have my two sons been born.

I wonder what the birth rate would be if all couples waited until they "could afford" children. I bet it would be below replacemnt level.

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