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September 23, 2008

KCP&L helps niece in Texas

Sunday morning I received a phone call from my niece in Houston. She was so excited as workers were in her neighborhood trying to restore power that has been out since Hurricane Ike hit. She ran to them when she saw the KCP&L lettering on their trucks and asked “Do you know where Overland Park is?” They replied, “We sure do.”

“Well I have family there,” she told them. “Well, we will give you extra special service, as it is just like you are family. It may take two or three more days, but we will get you up and running.”

She told me to pray for them. She was so happy. I told her we were going to church in just a few minutes. Thank you, KCP&L

Larry Youngdoff
Overland Park



And praying for them is supposed to do what, exactly?


KCP&L did not send crews to Texas out of the goodness of their hearts. The utility companies have mutual aid agreements. If a big ice storm knocks out power in KC, then you'll see utility workers from other states on the job here.

It's nice there's a KCP&L crew trying to get your daughter's power back on ... it's a tough job after a big storm. But they're not working for free. KCP&L customers are paying them lots of overtime.

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