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September 13, 2008

Keeping track of school laptops

I enjoyed The Star’s article (9/9, Local, “Laptops tracked with new database”) about the Kansas City, Kan., students and how well they take care of district-issued computers that enhance their educational opportunity. I applaud the district’s efforts to retrieve the few that have gone missing.

Given the controversy over this program and the unspoken undercurrent about giving “those kinds of students” expensive computers to take home, I wish the headline had read “KCK is 99 percent successful keeping track of laptops.” As the author pointed out, this rate is higher than many personal businesses’ efforts to keep track of computers. I wonder what other area districts could account for 99 percent of the technological equipment used in their schools.

I would not, however, recommend asking any of the area government agencies if they can account for 99 percent of their taxpayer-funded equipment.

Paul R. Getto


Tom K

I think it would be fun to ask the area government agencies that question.

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