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September 15, 2008

No quick fixes for oil woes

Congrats to The Star’s editorial staff for the thoughtful, comprehensive energy plan (9/12, Opinion, “Energy policy: The fix-it list").

Despite wishes and hopes for all clean energy and cars in 10 years, it just won’t happen that fast. We will be using petroleum for many years. And why not make it domestic oil produced by domestic U.S. workers?

Now, if we can get Congress to listen and act.

Tim Maupin
Overland Park



Hey Eng:

I agree that the DOE errs on the side of caution but Rougy is citing the DOE as the source of his data, which is not correct. His source is a conservative journalist who is spinning DOE data to support his position.

I agree with your methodolody by the way.


Along with Casady I agree with your post.
As to the 60 million cars for 60 years and however many houses for however, I'd have to have figures on the yearly use per car and house. Then I would also have to have figures on the amount of crude oil tat can be secured and the amounts of motor fuel and heating fuel that could be produced from that oil. In the past figures on "proved reserves" have always turned out to be less, even a good deal less, than the oil actually produced. And one would expect the DOE to error on the side of caution. This is not to say that we do not have a problem and that we should not be making every effort to find and alternative to oil.

Stifled Freedom

Whatever the issue, Rogue is the Star's top crusader for NOT CHANGING ANYTHING. Ironic for a name like Rogue. Like it or not, sometimes you have to change or go extinct. Rogue dont think we need to get off petroleum someday?

Even the CEO Exxon has said " you cannot drill your way out of this mess". And no I wont provide the link again. You have seen it already. Its not taken out of context.


Thanks Marctnts, I concur on all accounts.


I've got to agree with Casady on this one. I have never seen figures anywhere near the ones Rogue quotes, and to think that any oil corporation won't sell their oil on the global market for the best price is ridiculous. About the only argument I can see for Rogue's "at least it's us" argument is that a majority of the profits (through taxation and MMA payments) WILL be retained in the US.

Once again, here's my two cents:

1. The current spike in oil (and by relation, fuel) prices is due more to the weak dollar, speculation, and a flood of investors running to commodities than to any increase in demand. As much as some like to point to the recent price drop and say it was due to lower consumption, it was most likely due to a correction of the factors above.

2. Wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, and geothermal all have their place and continued research in these and other "alternative" sources should continue. Right now, most of the technologies are not "base loadable" or have politically sensitive issues attached to them. As such, any expectation that any of these will "transform" our outlook in the near future is naive.

3. We are a nation addicted to oil. The recent spike in prices may be having a small effect in curbing our consumption, but once these prices subside (as we are beginning to see), our level of consumption will most likely return to previous levels.

4. We should drill right now in the areas we know we have proven reserves. Expecting this to "solve" our energy problems is crazy, but in my opinion, so is turning our backs on it because of an unrealistic hope that people or technology will change overnight.


"American based oil companies sell only to America, they do ship some crude to Canada but that is for refinning since we can't build refineries in America"

Rougy, you throw so much BS out on this subject that it is hard to answer you with a straight face. So what you are saying is, for example Exxon Mobil only sells their products in the US? Does the word "multinational" mean anything to you.

And stop throwing out that ridiculous 60 million cars for 60 years crap. You got that from a column off of the always fair and balanced Townhall.com that was written by Cal Thomas for Christs sake! I am so tired of posting the actual DOE data that totally refutes that BS that I'm not even going to bother this time. I'll respectfully defer the facts to Marctnts.

Now please go back to your bunker.


You need to stop sniffing exhaust fumes. Gas isn't $4.00 anymore.

And I'm sure that patriotic oil companies would never consider selling outside the borders of the United States, and that Shell and BP feel the same way because of their love for the freedom we provide them with.

And why won't they show satellite pictures of the North Pole on days when the clouds clear and you can see into the hollow earth, that's what I want to know.


Amercian based oil companies sell only to America, they do ship some crude to Canada but that is for refinning since we can't build refineries in America. It is typical for the moonbats to stress that "foreign oil companies" will get the oil and sell it on the open market.

Their desperation is rapidly becoming a little pathetic. Their utopian dream of everyone riding bicycles and lighing with the sunshine is going up in the exhaust of $4.00 a gallon gasoline.

We will begin drilling and supplying our own energy needs, wait and see..


You're against business deductions? Is this some sort of Marxist thing? Or are you some kind of socialist who wants laws to prevent honest companies like British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell from drilling and selling wherever they can?

Or are you--no!--in favor of preventing, by force of law, our own oil companies from selling to the highest bidder, in a free and unregulated market?

If you don't like it here, fellow traveler, I suggest you find another place to hang your Reynolds-built hat.


Absolutely, send all that money to the "Saudi Royal Family" but don't you dare drill and develop your own oil reserves!

See us tree hugging, whale saving, global warming moonbats won't let you! Yep those Contractors "get all those deductions" that is why they are all fabulously rich. They are just a bunch of "lying tax cheats supporting the Saudi Royal Family".

Yep, I think that about covers the standard whackdom positions....


No, no, this is America. You can drive anything you care to, anywhere you care to, if you can pay the balance on your credit card every month.

"Construction contractors," as you call them, can afford to drive even more, since as businesspeople they can deduct expenses.

As a private individual, you can also choose to send money to terrorists to support their no doubt worthy activities around the world; one of the fastest ways to put money in their hands is, not Western Union, but via Bush family patrons the Saudi royal family.


OMG,OMG, someone dares to drive an SUV?? Where is he?? Shoot that SOB on sight!!OMG, you mean someone is driving a truck!! Just because he is a construction contractor,THAT IS NO DAMMED EXCUSE!! Get out of that truck and jump on you bicycle you selfish lout! Just drag those 2x6's on a rope behide your Bike!

You mean someone DARES to take a drive for fun!!!! GASP, what arrogance!

Watch out folks the tin hat brigade is out today!


I see the logic, I do see the logic: gas goes from $4.20 to $3.50 a gallon in two months because people drive 2% fewer miles, so let's drill out the last of our oil so that in ten years we'll have enough new oil so that we can go back to driving around for no particular reason in seven thousand pound vehicles with one person aboard.

I believe there's something in the Constitution guaranteeing that right.


You wonder folks why we are paying almost $4.00 a gallon for gasoline? Just look at the remarks of TA. Don't you dare drill anywhere, we are going to power all our engines with wind!! See just go out there and blow in your gas tanks!

There is enough oil offshore and in the Artic to power 60 million cars and homes for 60 years according to the DOE, but the dumbocrats say we can't have it.

Nest time you drop $90.00 top off your tank remember that when you cast your ballot.


Precisely. There's considerably more to this question than the chant of, "Drill, baby, drill!" would lead you to believe.


"...gas has dropped sharply in the last month on the basis of a few percentage points less consumption."

AND because of a 15% increase in the strength of the US dollar versus the Euro. Commodities as a whole have seen a drop as the value of the dollar has increased.

Global demand for oil in the last few years has only one up about 3% (85bbl to 87bbl). Apparently, it's not just a "consumption" problem. The weak dollar, increased speculation in the market, and a flood of investors seeking "safety" in commodities have all contributed to the rise is the price of oil, and as the factors subside, so will the cost of a barrel.


...owned by international corporations, Shell and BP, who have no interest in selling to anyone but the highest bidder. If you haven't noticed, gas has dropped sharply in the last month on the basis of a few percentage points less consumption. Stop driving around aimlessly and watch it drop to $2.50 a gallon.

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