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September 19, 2008

Pleasant parking surprise

Last week I had a business trip to Topeka that required me to use a downtown parking meter, which expired while I was hung up in a construction project meeting. When I returned to my car, the notice on my window said that my mistake was being forgiven this time as only a warning, since I was a visitor to Topeka.

What a novel idea. I left there with such a pleasant impression of their city for that simple reason, and they don’t even have an entertainment district to try to entice me back.

Hey, Kansas City. Ever heard of the “long nickel vs. the short dime?”

Tommy Fagan



Why should KC let a J-Off like this slide on a parking ticket?

Art Chick

Wow, I live in this tired little town (Topeka), and I have never heard of such a thing. hard to believe they could even be civil about it, as that is not the usual course of action here.

The parking department is running over budget, the meters are not generating enough to warrant the costs of the 16 cops assigned to monitor them. Yet the city council here won't ditch any meter, anywhere...

I am surprised they didn't take you for everything they could get, what with the shape this town is in financially.
You can be next time won't be pleasant, though, so bring plenty of change and pray your meeting doesn't run over time...

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