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September 03, 2008

Proper recycling

Most of the recycling bins put out in my neighborhood (and probably all neighborhoods) are full of non-recyclable trash items. Pizza boxes, fast food containers, cardboard milk and juice cartons, deli trays/lids, margarine containers, even planting tubs from nurseries are being placed in the bins rather than trash bags.  Non-recyclable caps are not being removed from plastic bottles. “Green” advocates say unless we remove the cap, the whole bottle will go in the landfill. If the pickup crews see glass or Styrofoam they will leave it with a note but everything else just gets dumped in their trucks.

It appears residents think all cans or anything paper, cardboard, plastic should go in the recycle bins. The guidelines need to be revisited and communicated in a simple, straightforward and consistent manner and then enforced. If a quiz were created on what should be recycled and what should be trashed, I suspect most of us would flunk the test.

Peggy Sullivan
Kansas City


SP in KC

Peggy, please review before taking the test and condemning your neighbors. Our recycler allows cardboard boxes, including pizza boxes and cereal boxes, as well as any #1 or #2 plastic. The rules have changed over the years. Perhaps you missed the memo?


Peggy, three words, "Get a Life".

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