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September 12, 2008

Think of our judicial system

Sarah Palin is pro-life, even in cases of incest or rape. She’s a National Rifle Association member. She wants creationism taught in schools alongside evolution and has supported abstinence-only sex education. If she gets to be president, our judicial system could move so far right that Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas will seem like true-blue liberals.

I was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter, but I moved to Barack Obama when Clinton conceded because his political philosophy is very close to Clinton’s. But for those who vow to not vote at all or vote for McCain-Palin because Hillary lost or vote for John McCain just because he put a woman on the ticket, think of our judicial system. These appointments are lifetime, and the damage will extend far beyond a one- or two-term McCain-Palin presidency.

For justice’s sake, vote Obama-Biden.

Suzanne B. Conaway
Kansas City


Stifled Freedom

Engineer, elaborate on that a little. Its sounds like you might support a Justice like Scalia who most poeple believe just makes up the rules as he goes. That was not the oath he took.


May we be protected from Judges that follow what the Constitution says rather than what they feel it should say.

Pub 17

...and he's here, too. If we move quietly, we can see Mark Robertson as he dismembers his prey, and carefully washes the small mammal in a running stream before he devours it...

Mark Robertson

Thankfully Gov. Palin opposes killing children who are the result of rape or incest. Those innocent children have no control on how they were conceived.
Palin stood behind those values in the ABC interview with Charles Gibson
And of course it's not "abstinence only" Young people are actually told the truth in abstinence, chastity teachings, not the dangerous lies from the so-called comprehensive approach.
Suzanne don't worry, Gov. Palin is for the states deciding the issue of abortion. You'll still likely still be able to kill as many babies as you want when Roe is overturned in the near future, at least if you are willing to travel a bit. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

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