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September 20, 2008

Ticket ‘reward’ for jury duty

Talk about civic duty. You may be summoned for jury service.

Receiving a notice to report brought me to the still traffic-challenged downtown courthouse. Driving around looking for a parking place, I was told to go to the lot two blocks south. Hurrying to make the 8 a.m. report, I failed to notice the small spot, in the farthest corner, where you pay. But I didn’t have time to look. I had to hurry!

When I arrived at the courthouse, I was told the jury service had been canceled. Returning to the car took no more than 15 minutes total. A $20 ticket that could go up to $75 was on my windshield.

The lot is across from the Sprint Center — a great reward for an attempt to do a civic duty.

Dorothy McKinley
Kansas City



So Ms. McKinley was late getting downtown and failed to notice the pay station, and somehow it's the city's fault that she got a ticket.

If all of us adopted her attitude, none of us would ever have to accept responsibility for anything.

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