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September 17, 2008

Use caution at green lights

Last Friday, at 6:30 a.m., I was driving north on Wyoming Street and crossing 39th Street in the rain. If I hadn’t paused I would have been broadsided by an inattentive driver who ran the red light while he was going west on 39th. My light turned green and, as always, I paused before proceeding due to this type of infraction.

If you were that driver, please be careful in the future. If you are any driver behind me and I don’t immediately take off when the light turns green, you now know why.

Andrew L. Barresi
Kansas City



I agree with Rogue.. that is #2. I have one more freebie left.
I get very irritated when the first person at the light is texting or something and sits during the first 5 seconds on a turn signal, causing about 4-5 cars in line to miss a light they should have made due to one person not paying attention. A horn to blast from my car would be expected also. The irony would be if I was honking at Rogue.

Dan Beyer

Like my mom always said, "Look both ways before crossing a street!"
That includes crossing an intersection in a vehicle!


"Lame" has now been defined.


Andy doesn't drive a BTW, traded it for a Camry.


I tell you what Andy pausing is fine but if you are the nimrod who sets there for ten seconds expect my horn to blase. BTW put your damn phone away and drive your car.

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