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September 16, 2008

Who needs special parking?

Does that person who parks in a handicapped spot and then spends the next hour wandering all over Wal-Mart really need that tag? Does the person who parks his truck in the handicapped spot at Home Depot and loads a truckful of lumber need that spot?

Perhaps the handicapped permits should be issued only to people who require the extra space to accommodate wheelchairs or crutches. If you are able to walk around while you shop, you don’t need to be able to park closer to the store’s front door.

Rainer Krowas
Overland Park


T. Hanson

Ahh Mr. (Ms.) Krowas the judge of all those that should be gave special tags for being immoble.

I guess you never had to help a child with MS, or an elder in the store. Believe me most are not too crazy about being in crowds either.

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