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September 28, 2008

Women vs. mayor’s wife

Just as women are the most vicious of the Sarah Palin bashers, the women of Kansas City’s City Council just like to pile on (9/25, A-1, “Women lead push against KC mayor’s wife”). It’s like a catfight.

While they say they seek “professionalism,” I believe what they really long for are the good old days when Carol Coe and Saundra McFadden-Weaver brought real “professionalism” to City Hall.

Stephen G. Spruill
Pleasant Hill

I couldn’t disagree more with Councilwoman Jan Marcason when she said, “If you work in an office environment, you know you need to separate your personal life from your professional life.”

This attitude is a throwback to the ’70s and ’80s. Perhaps it’s a philosophy of her generation, but the modern female professional is striving for a work-life balance. Perhaps Councilwoman Marcason should take a time-management course to learn about this concept. Or take a look at how extremely successful corporations — including IBM, Microsoft and Southwest Airlines — allow their employees to strike a balance more easily between personal and professional commitments by offering flexible alternatives.

If Mayor Funkhouser and his wife choose to work side by side, then that’s their choice. I agree with East Side neighborhood advocate Mary Mittenfelner, who said the people of Kansas city voted for Mayor Funkhouser to be mayor, not for the City Council to run the mayor’s office.

Marci Braybrooks
Overland Park



Think proof reader had worked for Star – corrected original

Art Chick

Wow, Renfro, did you mean... ..uh... PUBLIC policy!?


Councilwoman Marcason and her colleagues have not lost control of the ability to serve; they’ve just changed who they've chose to serve. The only claim of autonomy from the opinions and social meddling of our fading “NEWS”-paper are their e-mail addresses. The KC Star still retains the capacity to sway the voter and self-respect is a small price for this Council too pay for a “Pat on the Head” and personal gain.
Who’s stirring the pot? -- http://www.kansascity.com/340/story/818003.html -- The answer? – A Star editorial one-liner -- “Kansas Citians don’t deserve such unprofessional behavior from their mayor”

What Kansas City does not need or deserve is more advice or oversight from an ethically challenged newspaper that insists on introducing legislation, regulating our businesses and forming pubic policy rather than reporting on those subjects. The disabling of Kansas City’s administrative process is "UNRELATED" to the Mayor’s wife working for the city as an unpaid “volunteer”. --- The KC Star and their surrogates on our City Council must assume that responsibility!


disgusted - knew mine didn't look write ;-)


I don't think the Mayor could affect the idiots rolling around killing each other, but something needs to be done. I don't understand why we don't go back to beat cops in the neighborhoods with most of the murders.

I am disgusted right along with you.


Did anyone notice the murder rate in Kansas City for the month of August? I am so done with this Gloria crap. The mayor is basically powerless in Kansas City's political setup anyway so who cares? I'm just discusted.


Just because Coe and Weaver were embarassing that doesn't bolster Glorias position at all.

Art Chick

Hmmmmmmm, Stephen, so you have the complete transcript of every "bashing" comment made by--EVERYONE??
Wow, you're the all-knowing media guy fer sure! Good luck getting a job in the field though, as misogyny is looked down upon in some circles.

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