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October 05, 2008

Can we afford crime act?

Wonder were your money goes? Just passed by the Senate. Passed by the House a year ago. You never heard of it?

The bill is called the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act. It is to investigate civil rights related homicides before 1970. Granted there were some terrible things that happened then. But this bill authorizes $63 million for over 5 years.

I wonder if they think anything will come of it after more then 40 years.

Frank Thompson




I'll check it out with OnDemand.

"Of course there is always a shadow of doubt,..."

That's why I enjoyed "Grass" and another similar documentary so much. While I agree that there's not much doubt about the arms/drugs dealings, the black and white facts about the "war on drugs" even without the "who's behind it" is scary enough for me.


excellent link Marctnts.........

Very disturbing. The other documentary is playing on Showtime this month. If you have the on demand feature you can access it anytime, or it is scheduled on SHONXT on 10/8 at 11:30 a.m. and is worth taping. It goes in depth with interviews on the US gov'ts dealings with the Central American drug lords importing cocaine into the US under Reagan and Bush.

Of course there is always a shadow of doubt, but the arms/drugs connection is well documented.



I have seen the documentary "Grass", and found the spending figures shown at the end of each decade the most disturbing. Here's a good link for the costs FOR THIS YEAR ALONE:


Gary's right. Until the populace demands change, we're going to just keep getting more of the same. Sad...


Congress will never be able to stop itself from profligate spending on nonsense programs, and it doesn't look like enough of the electorate want them to stop in order to force the issue. The ultimate result has to be confiscatory levels of taxation, or national bankruptcy.


If we just put enough people in jail, what a wonderful world it would be!


Good morning Marctnts,

There are two very good documentaries that detail the staggering costs and hypocrisy of the war on drugs. "Grass" is one, "American Drug Wars" is the other. They should be mandatory viewing for anyone with a supportive stance on the war on drugs.


Hell Marc take a look at the "War on Poverty" now you are talking Trillions, yes with a T!


"I wonder if they think anything will come of it after more then 40 years."

Sure they do. How about $63 million in salaries and expenses for the next five years. I would guess that when the five years expire, they will come back and ask for more "since they are close to a breakthrough".

Take a look at the "war on drugs" if you want to see what happens when government can't end failing programs because of the number of people dependant on the money being spent.

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