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October 28, 2008

Caring about more than economy

The economy is horrible, and I care about that, but I care about more than the economy.

I care about our children and the education that they are (or aren’t) getting.

I care about the callous disregard for another human life — including, but not only, in the womb.

I care about how polarized our culture has become.

I care about the growing number of lies that are accepted as truth.

I care about how few people seem to be able to think through a problem logically.

I care a lot about laws that are selectively enforced.

I care about our freedom.

Betty Reed
Overland Park


Stifled Freedom

It was well written.

I fear the size and unbridled nature of our govt actions.


Kudos to Betty for a admirable list.

With almost no partisan spin (other than the abortion reference), I wonder how many read the letter and instantly thought it was an obvious criticism of the other guy.

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