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October 22, 2008

Crossroads District parking

As a native Kansas Citian, I am delighted in the revitalization of the Crossroads District.

On a recent First Friday, I found a coffee table at a wonderful shop at 18th and Baltimore. I went back to pick up the table and legally parked my car in the back while I went inside to pay my bill.

The lone proprietor and I carried the heavy glass table to the front door, and I then moved my car, backing it to the front door. Once loaded, I ran back inside to get my purse.

Less than a minute later, a Parking Control officer was writing me a ticket. I explained what I had done. She said I needed to park around the side, where there was no access. Frankly, it seemed she didn’t believe me, which was strange because there was a big piece of furniture in the back. She handed me the ticket and walked away.

I want to support these small businesses, but this officer — with city backing — made my experience so unpleasant and difficult.

Please, let’s ease up on some of these restrictions and make it easier for small businesses — and our city — to prosper.

Karen English
Kansas City



A cop one told me that because of the carbon dupes, once a ticket is written it's in the system. So once it's written on, it's official.


But yeah, I have a little anarchist in me.


I just have issues with selective law enforcement for the purpose of revenue generation. I also REALLY hate having to pay to park on a street that I paid for.

I used to deal with it better when I assumed that ticket cops were just the low man on the pole. My secretary's husband is a KCMO cop, and when he told me that ticket duty is a coveted assignment you actually have to put in years of service to get, any minute little but of remaining respect was gone.


ticket lackey? Marctnts, I would have never taken you for an anarchist, or would you be more aptly described as a nihlist?


Okay, so parking is more difficult in the Crossroads area, than say, Wal-mart. Who would have thought it?

I agree with Casady that City Hall hasn't reviewed ordinances with respect to small business but has been over backwards for "new" development, but that's not really the issue with the letter.

Ms. English is upset because she got a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone. When the special circumstances were brought to the attention of the ticket-lackey, she was basically told to kiss-off. So, to address the problem that Ms. English had, either you need to:

1. Get rid of no-parking zones and allow people to park wherever they want (as an aside, many of the streets in the district are too narrow to allow street parking and maintain traffic lanes).


2. Hire ticket-lackeys with the common sense to recognize differing situations and give them the authority to respond appropriately.

I'd tend to go with #2 myself.


Anecdotes to the Editor: Something bad happened to me today.


How about that wonderful Cuban restaurant that was not allowed to open because they didn't have enough parking spaces given it's capacity? Or how Stretch at Grinders was constantly hassled over every little thing with that great live music venue in back (which he built with his own money as opposed to the sweetheart deals all those generic corporate chains at the P&L received)? This city's goverment, when it comes to small independently owned businesses, makes me sick.

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