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October 22, 2008

Death of materialism?

Watching a recent discussion on the economy and federal intervention in the financial markets on C-SPAN, I fully agree with the opinion of one of the speakers, Tim Adams, that our country’s addiction to materialism will soon be coming to an end.

My hope is that another “greatest generation,” similar to the Americans who grew up between the 1929 stock market crash and World War II, will emerge.

Cesar Villanueva
Prairie Village



No, those checks went to everybody. These would go only to those that didn't pay FIT or paid very little. Don't feel too gleeful. I understand when my cage is being rattled.


I'm not up to date on the campaign. Other than this blog and the Sunday morning shows I have effectively shut out all the rhetoric.


Is it like the checks people received earlier this year that President Bush touted as good for the economy?


The clip was a great deal longer than 10 seconds. And really Joe or what he said is not the point. The point is Obama's stated plan to send out treasury checks. No one is trying to deny that is his plan. Not Obama, not Joe Biden, not even anyone on this blog who has paid attention to the matter. Obama and followers are in full support of this idea and do not deny it. To me this is collectivism and unacceptable. But like most of Obama's ideas it is not new. Similar proposals were floated during the thirties. As to the Semler matter, that was a matter of opinions. This is a matter of uncontested fact so far as the intention of sending checks is concerned.


Engineer, (or anyone else)

Other than the 10 second sound byte you guys are discussing from BOs talk with Joe, have any of you read the entire conversation, and can you provide a link or direct me to it? Otherwise this has become another Frances Semler, beating a horse for no reason.


Joe flushed Obama out, got him to articulate a part of his plan he didn’t want to talk about. Now he has revised that plan from the way he originally presented it. Who knows what he really intends? What, how or who Joe is or was has nothing to do with Obama's plans and their acceptability. It is because Obama and the media know there will be widespread resistance to the plan that they attempt to divert attention to Joe and away from the problem Joe's question disclosed.


Tina -

None of that makes a hill of beans. If you had read more that the typical liberal blogs you'd know that Joe is a plumber and is working under his bosses license, which is a way to do it and it several months away from his own license.

You attack the messenger because of his message. He asked a question you and the liberal media didn't like, so you basically lamblast him for it.

And yes Obama's campaign did do it, Joe Biden had several things to say. But they let their dirty work be done by the liberal blogs.

Now you might think this is all well and fine, but if the roles were reversed I suspect your stance would be reversed as well.

It's funny how the party of free speech doesn't like it a whole lot when they don't like what is being said.


"I'm really concerned about the Joe the Plumber issue, it shows the willingness to smear an average citizen over his beliefs. "

The Obama campaign didn't smear Joe the Plumber. Them media vetted him after McCain brought him up in the debate and mentioned him 21 times. Seems Joe was all talk: no plumbing license, no concrete plans to buy his boss' business, owed back taxes to the State of Ohio, and would actually benefit from Obama's tax plan.

Then Joe Biden made an offhand remark on late night TV about him not having a license. Big deal. Joe dug his own grave. He voluntarily appeared on all the news shows and gee -- I'm so sorry he didn't enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame.

Joe strikes me as a big talker who spun a yarn to Obama and then got called out on it by the media. I see absolutely nothing wrong with what the media did.

Sarah Palin made some remark about Joe the Plumber labeling Obama's policies as 'socialist' and I laughed out loud. I doubt Joe would recognize socialism if he found it in his soup.


Even in the worst days of the Great Depression, the strong hands were lining up to purchase the assets (at pennies on the dollar) of the failed, weaker hands.

Cesar is only hoping for the death of "your" materialism so he can pick up parts of your estate to satisfy his own materialistic leanings.

Writing from Johnson County Kansas, I imagine Cesar has his eyes on a nice piece of property in Wyandotte County or on the Missouri side he'd like to pick up for a song.


Did Cesar just wish for another Great Depression? Hey Cesar, are you also wishing for another world war to pull us out of the depression?

We will not see a death of materialism. Perhaps a (warranted) death of American Exceptionalism, but not materialism.


"Remember Dubya's call after 9-11 for Americans to go shopping?"

Reason 234 why you don't get it. Yes, this was said to tell Americans to continue with their daily lives, not to sit home in fear. In addition, it was told because the target represents exactly what the terrorists wanted to do to our economic system, and if you remember the stock market dropped following this incident.

This is akin to the whole Obama and the fill up your tire with air comment. Obviously, Obama was stating that that would assist and he was correct.

VV you state on another thread today a comment about the vicious radical right wing attack engine and fail to recognize the cheap and viscous attacks and smears by the left on Palin and Joe the Plumber. I'm really concerned about the Joe the Plumber issue, it shows the willingness to smear an average citizen over his beliefs. We are in a new era where our basic freedoms such as freedom of speech are going to be in jeopardy.


Well, good. I wouldn't mind seeing the binge come to an end. The more new stuff we have to have, the more old stuff goes into landfills. We are no happier for having all this stuff either, which just proves the point that money can't buy it.


America's materialism will never be allowed to falter because that would hurt the big businessmen and politicians who run this country. Remember Dubya's call after 9-11 for Americans to go shopping?


No generation who gave birth to the selfish baby boomers (not all mind you, but as a group) can ever be mistaken as the "greatest generation"

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