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October 15, 2008

Don’t change judge selection

Our country seems to have many problems. The judicial system in Johnson County is not one of them. Our district judges are selected by a fair, knowledgeable, nonpartisan method, by those who are in a position to accomplish this.

Question 1 would change this. Our judges would first have to become politicians — campaigning, raising money, making promises to individuals and special interest groups. This would not be good.

So, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Vote no.

Martha Wagner
Overland Park


T. Hanson

If the judge makes a ruleing against what you believe he/she is an activist. If you agree with the judge then he is a saint. Wow, I am starting to see a pattern with human line of thought (see yesterday's negitive ads comment).

Dan Beyer

Johnson County Judge Kevin Moriarty the political appointee of Gov. Sebelius(who's firmly in the back pocket of the abortion industry) absolutely refused to enforce a grand jury's subpoena! They wanted to examine Planned Parenthood Inc. medical records that another District Judge, a Top Forensics Expert with the police, and a District Attorney agreed were forged making it a felony! A felony!
Judge Moriarty's Special Counsel that he personally selected, Democrat Larry McLain a former Johnson County Judge who knew better but did it anyway, stayed in constant cell phone contact with Planned Parenthood Inc. during CLOSED DOOR HEARINGS! The Special Counsel and Judge Moriarty let the subject of the grand jury direct the investigation!!!
But there's nothing wrong with the Johnson County judicial system right?!


There was a time when the Bar was regarded as an impartial organization. But today's Johnson County Bar seems to lean rather decidedly to the left. So if the situation "ain't broke" it's at least bent.

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