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October 19, 2008

Don’t gamble with school funds

With Proposition A to cut “loss limits,” the casinos are saying that if we let them suck people dry, they’ll cut us taxpayers in on a piece of the action. I’m one taxpayer who doesn’t want to make school funding rely on unwise behavior.

Haven’t we lately had enough financial disaster from people’s excessive gambling in the markets? Do we want to make our schools’ financing vulnerable to a sudden outbreak of people being more sensible with their money?

Rachel MacNair
Kansas City



The first time I visited the casinos in KC my dad said, "I have two things to say about this. 1.) Most of the people you see out here shouldn't be out here and 2.) Everything you see--parking lots, buildings, etc.--was paid for by losers."

The fact is there are ways around the loss limit. I don't see why the loss limit exists, but since such a huge portion of the profits go out of state, I don't think we should have casinos to begin with.

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