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October 15, 2008

Ernie Griffin for sheriff

In the race for sheriff in Jackson County, there is a clear and important choice that must be made. Only one of the two candidates has any real experience as a member of the Sheriff’s office. Ernie Griffin has 39 years of law enforcement experience. With 28 of those years with the department, he is eminently qualified.

Mr. Griffin is running as the Republican candidate for sheriff. Jackson County hasn’t elected a Republican for sheriff in many years. This isn’t because of ideology, but rather many people vote a straight party ticket and Democrats do well in Jackson County.

Please take the time in the voting booth to make the positive and informed decision to elect Ernie Griffin for sheriff of Jackson County. His experience, ethics, honesty and dedication to high-quality law enforcement will bring integrity and professionalism to the forefront of Jackson County’s law enforcement community.

Douglas Hays


T. Hanson

Wouldn't be funny if there was a guy by the name of Mickey. Poor sap won't ever get to vote.


Ernie is a good guy Doug, but the election was over when Sharp won the primary. The Democrat lemmings will continue to lock step vote for their nominee. Hell, if they register Mickey Mouse what chance is there that they cast an educated vote?

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