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October 17, 2008

Fill’er up and thank Bush

When gasoline prices went up in recent past, I noted that many letter writers blamed President Bush for the increase. The usual tired and tiresome rhetoric — Big Oil and President Bush’s relationship to the petroleum industry — was vigorously expressed.

I just finished filling my gas tank and noted with great joy that the $2.95 per gallon paid was more than $1 less than even a month ago. I rushed home to check “Letters” to see if anyone had written praising President Bush for somehow bringing the price down. Strangely, none could be found. Couldn’t understand it. Perhaps it was a simple oversight by his previous critics.

Anyway, thanks, President Bush, for looking out for us.

Donald E. Kuenzi
Kansas City



People are Dumb
It's just that it takes President Bush some time to overcome the evil doings of Pelosi and Reid, aimed at stealing the election. After all the really high prices didn't happen until they got control in 2006. This should be clear to all. Good grief. If things were just that simple. Not that P&R wouldn't do it if they could.

Stifled Freedom

So let say that Bush does deserve credit for the recent drop in gas prices.

1. What did he do to make it happen? I cannot identify anything diplomatically that he did that would have this effect.

2. And if he did, why didn't he do it 3 years ago when we need it?

3. And if he did and it can be proven, it also proves that he can manipulate the gasoline market which is what most people suspect anyway.

4. And finally, if he did, doesn't it seem coincidental with the election in 3 weeks.

Perhaps the motive for doing so now deserves more attention than the alleged fact.


No pauper's grave unless Obama gets to me.

Art Chick

BUSHWHACK has never intentionally done anything good since he and his ilk began ruining our once-great country.
As one commenter said, it definitely wasn't intended. He has made no bones about the fact that he's never been here for "us", only for "me me me me me and my cronies, and fellow filthy rich buddies". What a festering ball of slime.

This jackass is the worst excuse for a president ever in history. Those who voted for him seem to be a lot like him: They did a horrible wrong to this country, but will defend it all the way to the poorhouse, to the soup line, to the pauper's grave.

Mark Robertson

The roots of the mortgage mess can be traced to President Carter's 1977 Community Reinvestment act which forced lenders to make bad loans. Clinton expanded the program in the 90s. And Clinton cronies ran Fannie and Freddie into the ground while profiting tens of millions. The government needs to get rid of the virtually government run Fannie and Freddie. Government guarantees are the problem. Let the free market reign.
President Bush and John McCain warned of the impending doom and tried to take action on many occasions, but unfortunately backed down when they were pathetically charged with racism. A familiar Democrat tactic.
This whole current economic mess was mostly Democrat made. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


Pub 17
Just for fun, if you want to credit Pelosi and her blind mice with bringing the prices down, then, as they have control, it was their fault that prices went up after 2006. So can we all be happy? The letter writer was just pointing out that the situation is more complicated than most "blamers" want to admit.

Mark Robertson

Actually, President Bush inherited a recession.(KC Star 1-23-04, p. C-1) The Bush tax cuts brought us out of the recession despite 9-11, two ongoing wars, and many natural disasters. Record treasury revenues came in in 2005 and 2006. 10 million jobs have been created. And the U.S. economy has grown from a 10 trillion economy in 2001 to a nearly a 14 trillion economy in 2008. In another words, the U.S. economy has grown by more than the entire size of China's economy since President Bush came into office.
Unfortunately, President Bush and the Republicans didn't fight hard enough to cut spending. Mandated entitlements though make up much of the spending. Medicare and Social Security have a 53 tril. unfunded liability. I believe it was Democrats who brought about those two monstrosities. Thankyou.
Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

Gas prices are going down because of the persevering conservatives in the House who spent their summer vacation in a darkened House chamber pleading with the pathetic and dangerous Pelosi to allow a vote on lifting the ban on offshore drilling.
Pelosi allowed the ban to expire last month, which will now allow for drilling in a greatly expanded way. As the House conservatives kept saying would happen, because of futures markets, gas prices have come down just with the lifting of the ban.
Pelosi knew she didn't have the votes to retain the ban so she let it expire.
She and many of the Dems know that it will help the economy, which is why they they opposed lifting the ban. They want a bad economy for the election and to better help them bring on a larger welfare state so that they can control more people. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

Pub 17

Gee, what I saw was the right wing stampeding to tar and feather the Democratic-"controlled" Congress, as in, "See what's happened to gas prices since the Democrats took over."

Now I look for the recognition that the Democratic-"controlled" Congress has, by the same logic, brought gas prices crashing down.

[sounds of crickets chirping]


Yes, you can thank President Bush for lower oil prices, though that was not his intention. A deep recession and an involuntary contraction of the money supply is reducing the price of oil and gold and will eventually get to other commodities.

Bush gets credit for the boom in real estate because of all the wild spending on the war and vote buying. Booms always make busts and that is where we are now.

Future history will place Bush and Hoover in the same category, though that is not fair to Hoover. He inherited the boom that went bust on his watch. Bush made the bust and was still around when it went bust.


Tell me Tom, how you are going to "prevent oil" from trading on the open market in a world wide exonomy? You might legislate to stop it here, but will that stop every other nation from doing so?

The one thing we had better do, and soon before the Dems ban it again is to start devoloping our own oil reserves offshore and in the Artic.

Of course if Osaam Yomama is elected you can guess that good-bye between and San Fran Nan Gram Pelosi.


The drop in price is connected to what both of you say, along with the fact that catfish only fly west on Broadway.

Tom K

Essentials like fuel should not be traded on the commodities market. I don't think that anyone really knows how it works but it creates a middleman whose only service is to write things on slips of paper. They could all die and all that would happen would be lower prices.

If gas prices go down just before the election, then the same people who raised the prices want to be re-elected, so vote them out.


"If you're trying to say we should thank Mr. Bush for the world-wide recession, I can go along with that."

I gotta give it to you, whispering - good line.

However, I was assailed when I suggested it was the market that was responsible for the drop in oil and gas prices - some thought it was a direct result of their vigilance in checking their tire pressure.


When the price of petrol made it's run "up", it was all Nancy Pelosi's fault. Now that fuel prices are on their way "down", we can thank President Bush?

Oil prices have tanked because demand is drying up as the world economy slows and the deep pockets crowd are bailing on their commodity investments.

If you're trying to say we should thank Mr. Bush for the world-wide recession, I can go along with that.

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