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October 12, 2008

Ford’s speed-restricting keys

I read that Ford has come out with a new, separate key that parents can give their children to limit a car’s top speed to 80 mph (10/7, A-10, “MyKey’ caps kids’ speed”). Why should this key be given to kids only?

I believe Ford and other manufacturers should justify making cars with top speeds of 120 mph. Is going more than 80 mph for any driver really needed?

Perhaps these speed-restricted keys could also be given to those convicted of DUI , felons or general high-risk drivers. Insurance companies could give discounts to car owners who have traded in their regular key for the speed-restricted keys.

John Foitle
Overland Park



Speed limiters on all vehicles for all drivers. Cars, 75mph. Trucks, 60mph.

No exceptions, except cops and fireman.

Problem solved. Next?

Stifled Freedom

That's gonna have to be one smart key.

Define "high risk driver". That is easy now, but it will be perverted by glory seeking politicians over the years to the point that an illegal parker will be deemed "high risk".

And why should a felon be prevented from driving if his/her crime was not related to vehicle use? If he has been released and served his/her time under the legal system, the best interests of everyone is for him/her to return functionally to society and be productive. If they cant drive, cant work or function in society. What choice do they have? More crimes. The prisons are already overflowing.

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