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October 20, 2008

Hate her because she’s vacuous?

Trust me, Joanne King (10/15, Letters), the “sisterhood” does not hold Gov. Palin in disdain because of her looks. Her lack of intelligence in not being able to name a single publication that she reads, the inability to name any Supreme Court ruling other than Roe v. Wade, having no idea what the Bush Doctrine means — these are just a few of the examples as to why she is unqualified to run for an office that will put her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Her looks come no more into play than the looks of any man who has run for public office. On behalf of your gender, Ms. King, you should stop reinforcing sexist thinking that the rest of us in the “sisterhood” keep trying to erase.

Maureen O’Brien Salz
Overland Park



race has nothing to do with my opposition to raising taxes with the plan of giving the money away.


I'll send all the Gore fans here an apology on recycled paper.

As I said Marctnts, all comments on race(coming from any race) are not racist, and every discussion of race can't be categorized as playing the race card. That is something I strongly believe to be true. Whites who only speak of blacks to criticize them, to me, is pathetic.





I'll agree that it's easier to make snap judgements then to actually think about an issue. I'll also agree that some of our friends on here never see the issue to begin with. So, the answer seems apparent. Those who enjoy thinking about the issue so much they see it everywhere should temper their indignation and work to focus on the "real" issues, and those who are stricken with blindness every time anything close to the issue comes up should learn to think about it before they speak about it.

"...we'd have to wait for global warming to actually show up."

Be careful, Sol, your stepping on the foot of someone else's sacred cow now.



I agree with you 100%. Now, how often do we really see that happen? Almost every discussion is categorized as "race card" playing with whites being without responsibility for anything.

I admit I push the issue, and I enjoy doing so, but if we wait the BBT, Rogue, Engineer and others to criticize a white person in anything involving race we'd have to wait for global warming to actually show up.


“Seems like this is not top-quality executive experience. So quit spreading the crap!” - Anne

Care to give us the top-quality executive experience of Obama? Ok. How about just plain old executive experience then? Otherwise quit spreading the crap too.

An election that has two of the most unqualified people ever to run for their particular job opening. It’s no wonder why these two are always mentioned in the same sentence.


"Who is better to designate that a wrong actually occurred, the perpetrator or the aggrieved?"

There is issues with relying on either side's determination. When you rely on the perpetrator, you will get less accounting than occurred (i.e. I never hit Timmy!). When you rely on the aggrieved, you will get more accounting than actually occurred (i.e. Timmy hit me at least a hundred times!).

A rational person should be able to hear both sides of the argument and attempt to discern the truth, which most of the time lies somewhere in the middle.


Rogue said, "She has acutally ran a city, and a State".

We all know that Alaska has well under 1,000,000 people. It's way smaller than the KC Metro area, so I don't know how hard it is to run.

But Mayor of Wasilla? Last evening Jon Stewart had a correspondent in Wasilla and he interviewed the mayor.

Turns out the Mayor doesn't have a lot to do. She doesn't run the Fire Dept., or the school system, nor does Wasilla have any social services. When Jason asked her how she spends her days, she stated that there is a Monday morning staff meeting. And on Thursdays she signs checks.

Obviously the piece was edited for hunor, but you have the mayor actually saying what it is she doesn't have to deal with.

Seems like this is not top-quality executive experience. So quit spreading the crap!



I'll follow up my last comment with a question on your "real or perceived"...Who is better to designate that a wrong actually occured, the perpertrator or the aggrieved?



I agree with what you just said. I have said here many times that everything pertaining to race is not racist, that the word has become dilluted over the past few decades. But I'll add this, people of any color who excuse their prejudices by pointing a finger at others are the worst type of bigots, and they are,IMO, far to common and accepted.


What does the quote say about those who insist to see "sins" where none exist? Perhaps a revision to include the phrase "whether real or percieved" would be in order.

Look, I'm not excusing "real" issues that exist in the arena of race, and yes, I DO think many still exist. All I'm saying is that not everything that occurs, when one man is black and one is white, has to do with race. Sometimes it just two men.


I see it as a title for a show I'm looking forward to seeing next month on Showtime.

One of my favorite quotes is from one of President Lincolns Republican friends...

"A true patriot is a lover of ones country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins."


Unless, of course, you're my friend Solomon, who would recognize the word "brotherhood" as an obvious reference to race.

Just kidding, I couldn't resist...


Face it, people have issues with Palin's qualifications, not her looks. Tell me Rogue, are your issues with Obama based upon the fact that he's too handsome for your taste?

That being said, does anyone else find the use of the word "sisterhood" odd? It would be no more exclusionary for those of the opposite gender to begin using the word "brotherhood".


A little arrogant there aren't we Maureen? Perhaps a little jealous as well. Here is a lady that is the most popular elected Governor in the US. She has acutally ran a city, and a State. Your guy Maureen has ran his gums, and claims to be qualified for President based upon 143 days in the US Senate, and registering fraudjulent voters for ACORN.

BTW, it turns out that some $63 miilion of his donatons came from "foreign sources". I wonder where those dollars came from???



Maureen really dislikes Gov Palin. She's right, but she really dislikes her!

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