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October 04, 2008

Illegal aliens don’t deserve tuition break

Why doesn’t Tim Suttle champion the cause to send poor Americans to college (10/1, Letters)? Send the — as he said —undocumented immigrants (meaning illegal) back from where they came.

Russ Henderson
Overland Park

I was encouraged by Kris Kobach’s successful efforts to convince the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Sacramento that California’s tuition law violated a federal law that prohibits illegal aliens from receiving post-secondary education benefits that are not extended to U.S. citizens. American students initiated this lawsuit because they did not want illegal aliens to receive a tuition break that American students were being denied by the state of California.

On 10/1 Tim Suttle wrote that “one of the hallmarks of any great country (is): Care and concern for the poor and for the alien.” This country does have care and concern for legal immigrants. I am the grandson of one.

Illegal aliens violate federal immigration law and several state laws. They continue to displace millions of American workers. Federal and state governments must start enforcing the law to protect American jobs and our economic security.

Frank Nedrow



Agan I say bullcrap. If someone comes into your home, uninvited, demands to be fed, educated, and share in the wealth you create you are expected to be grateful and give his kids educational benefits yours do not have?

I am a Missouri resident, and if I had sent my kids to KU, I would have to pay out of state tuition. My God, I fought for this country, and have paid my taxes and obeyed the law all my life.

Meantime some guy comes here, can't speak the language, costa us milliona and millions each year, and we are going to give his kids an education bonus!!

WTH is the matter with these dipsticks, I would love to slap the everloving snot out of everyone of them. Putkidsfirst, my ass.


Why is this a slap in the face to Americans in Virginia? Colorado? New Hampshire? Any state? All Americans don't pay taxes in Kansas. I would think any efforts to educate any kids would be more important than inflammatory rhetoric that just promotes hatred.


Bullcrap, you do not reward law breakers with benefits those who obey the law do not receive. Giving them in state tuition is a slap in the face to every honest American taxpayer.


Since only a couple hundred kids are getting this in-state rate, and their parents are taxpayers in Kansas, and the kids are required to be working on citizenship, this sure looks like a 'problem' that doesn't need to be solved.


Bring back Francis Semler, KC Falling Star, go straight to Hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00


Kansas elected Sebelius. Did you not expect her to give your money away? Give away your education dollars, your health care dollars, any dollar she can get her hands on.

When an American is in the hospital and is better but still need care they are moved to long term care which cost one quarter of the cost as a hospital bed. But an illegal alien cannot be moved from the $1500 a night hospital room. Some are there for months when an American is there for only days.

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