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October 14, 2008

‘Joe Six-Pack’ isn’t funny

I am appalled that the possible next vice president of the United States is making light of the term “Joe Six-Pack” as if it were a badge of honor. Is Sarah Palin suggesting that it is wonderful if males drink a six pack of beer every day?

What message does this send young boys, male teenagers and young male adults? “Hey, it’s OK to drink a six-pack of beer a day, and if you do, you too can join my little group, ‘Joe Six-Pack?’.”

Where are the voices of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Destructive Decisions? Are we supposed to ignore this because simply because Ms. Palin is female, or that she is cute or that she winks at us?

I don’t know any form of media that would support any other mother spewing this garbage without rebuke. What about the children?

Tracy D. Darby

Of late we have experienced “Joe Six-Pack” used in GOP speeches by Sarah Palin. This is a terrible phrase to use.

We are experiencing the effects of alcohol abuse in our homes, streets and highways, which can lead to domestic violence, child abuse, injuries and deaths.

Our hospitals, courts, jails, funeral homes and cemeteries are filled with “Joe Six-Packs” and their victims.

Alexis Barlows, R.N.
Kansas City



Maybe she should have ssaid "Jo Foodstamp", seems they have the similar attitude of Joe six pack. Not caring what they loose or what Washington does so long as they get their entitlement.

Stifled Freedom

The whole "Joe Six-pack" image is more than just beer drinking. It about the average American who has little or no clue what has happened to his country. He doesn't care what he looses or what Washington does as long as he gets that six-pack.


We should have a hair combing tax in that case. What's a matter Joe? Don't ya feel patriotic? Sharing the wealth is good. Especially when it's someone else and you do not have to earn it. OPM is the wave of past, present and especially the future.


I don't really care for how Joe Biden combs his hair.

mike d

In my neck of the woods its Joe 30 pack. Do they still sell six packs?


Right Tracey but it's okay for Obama to drink a beer on camera during his campaign.
Where was the outrage?
Gov. Palin was simply identifying the common "Joe". Whether you like it or not Tracey, the liquor industry is a huge part of our economy.


OMG, OMG, OMG, some people drink beer! OMG, OMG, what's nest? OMG, could it be whiskey!!??



“You have to love the hyper-sensitive world we live in...”

No, not really but I love the Star for printing letters based on their entertainment value.


I think Tracy and Alexis need to take a deep breath, settle down, and look for a new "cause of the hour".

Geez people, she said "Joe Six-Pack" and we have Tracy sure that it will make it okay for thousands of teens to drink (and invoking the intrusive organization MADD) and Alexis convinced that it's a slap in the face of domestic violence victims. Maybe, just maybe, do you think she was just trying to say "common man", whatever that is.

You have to love the hyper-sensitive world we live in...

T. Hanson

Step back guys, I even know that she was trying to talk to the "common" man.

Now of course we just have to see how many common men and women want to talk or listen to her for the next 4 to 8 years.


i know lots of joe six packs..... their six packs are called abdominal muscles. Palin was a beauty queen. She could've just been dreaming of the stomach that her husband doesn't have

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