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October 26, 2008

KCK casino should be smoke-free

Kansas missed the boat (pun intended) years ago by not allowing the citizens of the state to vote on legalized gambling.

If Kansas had built a casino on or near the Woodlands, Kansas would have been a one-of-a-kind destination. One can only imagine the jobs, tax revenue and excitement such a facility would have drawn.

Nonetheless, in spite of most our legislature’s stonewalling tactics, Kansas will finally have casino gambling. Now that we are finally headed down this path, let’s be truly creative and think progressively by sticking to our guns and banning smoking, even on the casino floor.

As an ex-smoker — we’re the worst kind, I know — I believe it would not only help our image but draw people who might not go to casinos in an effort to avoid the smoke.

David Pumphrey
Overland Park

I, for one, hope Kansas City, Kan., passes a total smoking ban that would affect the Hard Rock Casino, which is yet to be built. That would be the only casino that I would go to.

The Missouri casinos, with their smoking policy, stink.

Jim Marsicek
Lee’s Summit



Legalize marijuana in Kansas City? --- After violating the civil rights of neighborhood small business owners we’ve got a City Council and their “editorial” handlers at the KC Star waiting to a increase a partial no-smoking ordinance with a blanket ban on casino floors! All the Health care advocates that have never or will never frequent a casino or Mom and Pop bar had better be prepared to shell-out a few extra bucks to make-up for a tax short-fall!
Atlantic City delays smoking ban for 1 year --- Atlantic City's less-than-two-week-old ban on smoking in casinos will soon end under a change-of-heart measure narrowly approved Monday by the City Council and quickly signed by the mayor. --- (page A-2 Star to-day)
Smoking Ban to End ---


Hey solomon. The Obama, Leader of the Evian is said to still be a smoker. But "front of the T"? Obviously I have not been being properly respectful. You must be larger than two NFL tackles.


Or how about this one...

"The last 8 years I've been trying to stop smoking. Now all of us Americans who have tried to quit know that the stress of our day has alot to do with our ability to stop smoking. It will be so much easier without having to deal with the failed policies of George Bush. So lets spread the ability to stop smoking around to all Americans."

and on the back, Obama/Biden


An idea for a T-shirt

on the front...."Gambling, its pretty bad but without the loss limit its ok as long you can can enjoy a subsidized industry like tobacco that smokers use while in a place that they can use another subsidized product (sugar) in the coffee that the people who don't pay any taxes drink while sitting a $.01 machines while we pour our money into the $1 machines, crap tables and card games. Gambling...better than socialism"

....and on the back, McCain/Palin


Reminds me of a t-shirt I once saw...

"Smoking...it's healthier than fascism"

It was probably an Ayn Rand quote but it seems appropriate here.


Good morning T,

Not a coffe drinker with the exception of highway driving. Don't care for soda pop either. As bad as it is club soda works.

T. Hanson

"I sat drinking club soda"

Really Solomon, I been the DD before and usally the bar tender has some coffee behind the bar (nasty, but still better than CS).


Davey and Jimmy need to start a bridge game in one of their suburban backyards where they can drink Shirley Temples and chew bubblegum gum cigars. Lets leave casinos to adults who make the choice to engage in legal activities without the anti crowd forcing their will.

A friends mother died Friday and I spent Friday and Saturday being a designated driver. Went to MANY drinking establishments and as I sat drinking club soda(man that is some nasty stuff) I asked every bartender about the ban. They all said it has affected their business.


"...let’s be truly creative and think progressively by sticking to our guns and banning smoking,..."

The removal of personal freedom = progressive thinking. Nice to know where David's ultimate destination is.

Chalk to more people up to the "we know better than you" crowd. Sad...


And the anti-smoking Nazis check in once again. I tell you what boys, you invest your capital, hard work and time in develpoing your business and then allow the government tell you how to conduct it, OK?

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