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October 20, 2008

Let him call me ‘sweetie’

Barbara VanBeber (10/16, Voices) seems to be offended because Barack Obama called a female reporter “sweetie.”

If that’s the worst word he has uttered after speaking day after day ad nauseam for how long this campaign has been going on now, I would call it a miracle. Obama apologized to the reporter after it slipped out of his mouth.

I am 80 years old, and I would be thrilled to death if Obama called me “sweetie.” I wouldn’t want an apology, either.

Norma Barsky



Hey idiot,

Do other candidates take foreign money too?
(BTW, I already know the answer, do you?)

Hint....Georgia is more than a Ray Charles song to Sen McCain.


Who gave you the $63 million Osama Yomama?




McCain can be such a sweetie too... the last two are my favorites



Not only are you a sweetie, you're giving my dear friend kate a run for the money when it comes to flirty writings.

Merriam has come a long way from JC Nichols way of thinkng, hasn't it?

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