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October 17, 2008

Life, death and clichés

When speaking in clichés, especially partisan clichés as Stan Glazer did when he surmised that pro-lifers are inconsistently also pro-death penalty (10/3, Letters), one subjects himself or herself to another cliché: “upon further review.”

May a pro-life partisan assume that those who oppose the death penalty for criminals are also inconsistent when they favor the same penalty for the non-criminal unborn?

Further, are those who demand compassion for pets, wild animals and trees, those who demand humane treatment of terrorists and illegal foreigners and those protesting the demise of anyone in war, also inconsistent by favoring the ending of unborn life?

To quote Glazer: “With them I guess it’s a matter of timing.”

Robert Devine
Excelsior Springs



The cliche' society we live in.

"Bad economy"
"Wind fall profits"

All cliche' and all bogus.

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