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October 17, 2008

Measure would restrict casinos

I am voting no on Missouri Proposition A for gambling reform, because it will restrict the number of casinos to those already built or being built. If someone wants to build a new casino, they will simply go across the state line to do it, taking customers away from Missouri businesses.

A more meaningful reform that is not included would be to remove the whole riverboat gambling scam and allow them to be built anywhere in the state, not just on rivers.

This proposition is a failed attempt to limit competition when we should encourage the market to determine where and how many casinos to build. After all, opening a new casino is a gamble.

Mack Tilton
Kansas City



Tell me, rouge - where will all the rich people in Jo Co go to waste their money? The same old humdrum, ridiculous boats - or a brand new, real casino with a cool theme right by their favorite destinations?


The MO loss limit is stupid. It reminds me of the old "Blue Laws" not allowing certain business operations to be open on Sunday.

There is enough business in both states to sustain the gaming induatry. JJ thinks the Hard Rock operation at the speedway will stop MO's operation. I doubt it, as most people will not drive 40 miles to play when they can drive ten.


I am really enjoying the new issue of the developers of the Hard Rock saying they won't build if the Dot makes smoking on casino floors illegal. These anti smoking a@@e@ want to dictate to small businesses and get away with it all the time, lets see what happens when you hold millions of dollars a year over a municipalities head.


The new casino at the race track will sound the death knell for the
"boats in motes".

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