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October 22, 2008

Mike Sharp for sheriff

Mike Sharp has 26 years of law enforcement experience and, with that, he has the business experience and knowledge that make him the most qualified to perform the duties of Jackson County sheriff.

Sharp’s knowledge of police work and his ability to interact with the public will be an asset to the local cities, our county and our state. He is dependable, flexible and will take the role of leader in very sensitive situations.

The public will be comfortable with Sharp as their Jackson County Sheriff. Sharp will make their environment as safe as possible, and he will be as accessible as possible to the constituents of Jackson County.

I have no doubt that Mike Sharp will do an excellent job for Jackson County.

Al Pearson
Kansas City



The answer is easy. The sheriff will have control of a nice, fat budget. The parties always find a reason to exist when there's money on the line.


I'm a bit ignorant on this issue. Can anyone tell my in this day and age we elect a sheriff? They don't enact laws, right? They don't set policy, right? I guess what I'm asking is what discretion does a sheriff have that, say, an unelected city police chief doesn't?

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