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October 24, 2008

Moose burgers or pork?

After reading the Associated Press report (10/22, A-7) on how Gov. Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska for her children’s travel, it’s very clear that Gov Palin knows all about using government money for personal goals. How is this different from earmarks and pork?

How is she going to clean up Washington and shame the overpaid CEOs if she’s one of them? She is a fast learner. I’ll give her that much.

John McCain says he’s proud of his running mate. He continues to defend his choice. Same old politics.

S.E. Miller
Blue Springs


Mark Robertson

Just continues to be amazing. The elitists, including "conservative" elitists, continue to pound on Governor Palin for every little thing, yet the Dems have put up as their presidential candidate the most radical leftist to ever run for president. He has no executive experience, and had hung around with some of the most shady characters in the country. His policies would literally wreck the economy and destroy much of the freedom that we enjoy and are so fortunate to have.
The reaction to Governor Palin has been so illuminating. One of the many great things she is doing is causing the RINO Republicans to flee the party. That is a great thing. These pro-abort "moderates" have caused much damage to the Republican Party. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


OH, uh SE, and T. the previous Governot charged the state some $400K plus for like expenses. She sold the private jet he flew around in, and the $150K expenditure was exaggerated because most of the wardrobe the Governor had to get on very short notice was returned. The remainder is to go to charity after the campaign, and that was decided prior to the news story.

It seems you people are either insanely jealous of her, or perhaps, and more likely, jealous because your petty little digs are so hateful. Shame on you both.

T. Hanson

McCain should be proud since his campaign bought $150k worth of clothes for that woman. Nah, I don't predict a waste.

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