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October 31, 2008

No on JoCo Research Triangle

An ad for Question 2 touts the voter-friendly benefits of a step toward a comprehensive cancer center designation, more cancer treatment options in Johnson County and access to $50 million in donations and grants.

Maybe so, but not in the context of Question 2 should they be realized. First, the sales tax proposed is a forever tax. We’ll be paying this tax indefinitely, whether these benefits are realized or not. We don’t need another addition to a sales tax in Johnson County that is now approaching 8 percent.

Second, if these benefits are for real, there’s a state budget process to address the Research Triangle project. The combined net assets, as reported in the 2007 annual reports, of the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Johnson County Community College KU, KSU and JCCC exceed $1.4 billion dollars. Plenty of resources are available for the institutions involved to fund the triangle without imposing an additional tax in Johnson County.

The research triangle is a state issue and should be addressed in the budget cycle, not by burdening people who shop or live in Johnson County with more local tax. Vote No on Question 2.

Ron Ward


T. Hanson

As I said this whole thing is a private, for-profit organization. That should send up a red flag and people should not be fooled that this vote would "cure cancer".


It's always better to use your money than their own.

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