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October 25, 2008

Obama cabinet cartoon offends

The Star has reached bottom with the Glenn McCoy cartoon that depicts the Obama cabinet with Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, and even Karl Marx as key advisers (10/23, Opinion). Does this really meet your standards in selecting which editorial cartoons to appear in your newspaper?

It feeds the continuing misperception that Barack Obama has been seriously influenced by these individuals and further stokes the paranoia that he is a flaming radical.

If The Star is trying to balance its endorsement of Obama with a responsible conservative viewpoint, this is not the way to do it.

Leigh Branham
Overland Park

I found Glenn McCoy’s 10/23 cartoon very offensive. I am disturbed that The Star chooses to publish such erratic and misleading material to further stir the pot of the radicals.

Do we have a country so divided that we pit American against American as a political strategy? We have a person running for vice president who insists that some parts of the country are more “American” than others, who says she is one of us while wearing a $150,000 wardrobe and who travels with her children on other people’s dime.

Some leaders of the Republican Party, such as David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, George Will and Colin Powell, have all said Sarah Palin is not qualified, and this speaks to McCain’s judgment. They also have criticized the negative tone of McCain’s campaign.

I do not expect Republicans to love Barack Obama, just to climb out of the gutter and show a little respect. We are all in this together.

Camille Buccero


John C.

Jeremiah wright, tony rezko, wiliam ayers and karl marx are definite influences on the new prez.
Read the bio written for him and you will see that.
The big "0" is the most incompetent person to ever occupy the Oval OPffice and all the hatred toward Americans who didn't support the big "0" is just more proof that those who chose to vote for someone other than the big "0" were right.
More proof can be found in the conveniently declassified "torture" memo's were released. It seems that there's one mission from the big "0" and that is to destroy the very fabric of this Nation in the time he has left in the White House.
He has completely destroyed the economic system in our Great Nation with his support of the bailouts, and stimulus, and other give-away programs.
He has decimated the CIA ability to interrogate and gain information from terrorists.
He has failed to do his basic duty and that is to read the bills he signs into law.
He admitted that he had failed to do his duty as president when he went on the late night show and admitted he was surprised about what was in the bill. Since he seems to have more time to party down in the White House than to read what he signs into law perhaps we should relocate him to Animal House where getting drunk and shirking your responsibilities are king.


Who is Sol Allinsky?

Saul Alinsky died in 1972.


It wasn't a cartoon, it was a prediction.


My first thought after reading the letters was "the truth hurts, doesn't it?" My second was "With whom else does he associate?" Sol Allinsky and that Communist USSR tool poet?

mike d

Where the heck have you been Camille? I have yet to see a Lee Judge cartoon that was funny. He has spent the last 8 years publishing childish, offensive cartoons of President Bush. They aren't funny, they don't make you think. It's a waste of space. Where the heck have you been Camille? Of course, with his lips so firmly planted on the Dems butt, Judge will be out of a job if Obama wins. I bet he votes for McCain.


Hey guys, stop whinning we did not make little Barry pal around with terrorists and other America Bashers, and frauds. He chose his running buddies, and you cannot wish that away.

BTW I thought only radical Islamist terrorists got upset at "cartoon", should McCoy hire bodyguards now?


Leigh how do you now he would not pick those individuals? In fact if he does cheat himself into the White House, I hope he picks a long list of worthless socialist radicals, thne maybe this country will wake up and do something about it. We should all remember the last time 200,000 Germans in Berlin gathered chanting to der fuhrer.

Dan Beyer

Hey Leigh and Camille! You ever heard the old saying, "Can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch"?!

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