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October 07, 2008

Parking curbside at KCI

I would like to welcome Gloria Squitiro to the club of hundreds of drivers who get tickets at KCI for parking violations every year (10/2, Local, “Airport dispute angers Squitiro”). Sounds to me like Ms. Squitiro tends to get rude and belligerent whenever anything doesn’t go her way, including breaking the rules.

Any person who has ever driven to KCI knows that those officers sit like spiders waiting for you to drive into their webs. I doubt this was the first trip to the airport for her.

It’s time to suck it up and pay the fine, Gloria, just like the rest of us rule breakers. Certainly you would not be trying to be put yourself above the law?

D.D. Zimmerman

I, too, was treated rudely at KCI. I was picking up a family member who was waiting curbside. She put her luggage in the trunk of my car. I was parked in my car for only about 30 seconds and was yelled at by an airport officer to move my car.

On a recent trip to the airport I observed a limousine service parked curbside for more than 20 minutes. Obviously they have preferential treatment.

Linda Springett



I agree Sol. It sounds like Ms. Springett just might have been parked a bit longer than 30 seconds.



I would imagine the Mayor has a sticker on his vehicle. His wife was probably driving her car and it hasn't sunk in that she doesn't have executive immunity.


The amazing thing to me is that, as the mayor, Funkhouser is entitled to a special permit sticker that allows him to park in "no Parking" zones. Why on earth he wouldn't have just gotten the dumb sticker instead of his wife complaining about the ticket is beyond me.

I guess that after all the hub-bub about his car last year, they figured everyone would recognize his old Corrolla.


I doubt Linda is being honest here. If the details were as she said she would not have been "yelled at", as it is legal and proper to load and unload luggage at the curb. Maybe she judges time like Gloria does, you know, I'm special" time..

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