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October 22, 2008

Phill Kline as a judge?

Should Johnson County’s Question 1 pass, it would be a travesty of justice. Justice is supposed to be blind. Elected judges would be like any other politician — blind to anything that doesn’t increase their power. They would also feel beholden to whoever contributed to their election campaigns.

Apparently, Kansans for Life is behind the push to change the judiciary system, just like they want to change so many things, especially for women. Instead of Question 1, the initiative should be called “Kansans for Phill Kline as a Judge.”

Pamela Gregory
Prairie Village



Isn't giving trial lawyers a large voice in appointing judges like giving foxes a large role in setting up hen coop defenses?

Dan Beyer

Funny how the same people who throw Phill the "bogey man" into this argument scream about how Phill Kline was APPOINTED by a small circle and then the electorate was smart enough to VOTE him out, is now saying they're too stupid to VOTE for judges instead of some small circle APPOINTING judges.
Make up your minds! Either the voters are smart enough, or they're too stupid! Which is it?


Which is why I made my own proposal in lieu of Prop. 1 that I think would address the legitimate issue without diving into a process that would probably just make it worse.

Stifled Freedom

"The "politicizing" of the process already occurs."

Marctnts, I agree with you there. It's already political, but Prop 1 sure aint the way to fix it.

Stifled Freedom

Dan Beyer, Pamela provides a distinct possibility of Prop 1 were to pass. It is possible. So far, you comments are on the only ones feeble. Show us you have a mind that is unwasted and explain more. Tell us how it is not possible.

Phil Kline has lost two elections in JOCO. Perhaps you want him, but the majority do not.

Dan Beyer

Now add Pamela Gregory's name to the list of feeble-minded that are inflicted with Star induced "Kline Derangement Syndrome"
Please Pamela, get help before it's too late. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


"...you still would have politicising judge candidates."

No, you would be politicizing the committee that appoints judges, which happens already. Currently, the governor appoints the members of the selection committee. No surprise here, if the governor is a democrat, committee appointees tend to be democrat. If the governor is republican, the appointees tend to be republican.

The "politicizing" of the process already occurs. All I'm suggesting is taking the power of committee appointment out of the hands of the governor and placing directly in the hands of the people.

Stifled Freedom

And actually, if judges are elected and a judge dies or retires in office, it would be up to the same Republican committe that put Phil Kline in as DA to nominate a replacement judge. It is conceivable that Phil Kline could be a judge.

Hats off to Ms Gregory and the Star for point this out.

Marctnts, if we elect, as you propose, you still would have politicing judge candidates. Defeats the purpose of judges being remove from politics.

Stifled Freedom

The founding fathers did not intend for judges to be political. This is crucial to system of checks and balances. Meddling with this is very dangerous.

The conservatives who want to regulate morality and eliminate abortion will sacrafice anything (including the checks and balances that made this country great) to accomplish thier short term goals.


"...the initiative should be called “Kansans for Phill Kline as a Judge.”

Talk about your rhetoric. "If you change the system, we'll end up with Phil Kline again." Seriously people, the guy couldn't win a DA race, are you really that concerned he'd win a judicial election? My guess, you know dropping Kline's name is a way to scare off the "sound-bite" brethren.

I think I have a good proposal. It seems logical that requiring judges to campaign would be a bad idea, as it would taint the appearance of impartiality. However, the appointed committee that picks judges seems like fair game. Instead of allowing appointments to this committee, require the members to be elected. In this scenario, the public will have a voice in the judicial selection process without having "campaigning judges".

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