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October 25, 2008

Question 1: Electing JoCo judges

Tim Golba’s claim that “trial lawyers” dominate the 10th Judicial District Nominating Commission is demonstrably false (10/20, Opinion, “As I See It: “Vote ‘yes’ on county Question No. 1”). Of the seven lawyers on the commission, two are sitting judges (one from Overland Park, one from Johnson County) and a third is a retired judge who is a full-time mediator. The other four lawyers are a mixed bag: a civil defense lawyer, a civil plaintiffs’ lawyer, a criminal defense lawyer and a general practitioner.

Contrary to Golba’s unsupported assertion, these seven lawyers (and their nonlawyer counterparts) have no unified agenda, other than to select qualified judges who will make decisions based on the law, rather than on their personal beliefs and agendas. And based on their track record so far, they are doing a very good job of it.

Matthew C. Miller

Attorney Gregory Bentz (10/21, Opinion, “As I See It: Judicial elections are a bad idea for Johnson County”) thinks to avoid political judges we should let a lawyer-infused nominating commission do the work. I guess we should think that the seven attorneys are not influenced politically.

Mr. Bentz likes retention elections as a means to oust an unpopular judge, but we all know how that confuses the voting public as they enter the voting booth. Judges tend not to be activists, he says, and yet our state supreme judges felt it was OK to order state legislators to spend a certain amount of education money.

Personally, I would like to know where prospective judges stand on key issues before they sit behind a bench.

Vote yes on Question 1 so everyone has a say, not just 14 political insiders.

Tim Bower
Overland Park


Dan Beyer

Hey for 34 years the Good Ol' Boys didn't look at one single solitary, more than qualified black man for judge in Johnson County!
That's pretty weird!

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