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October 13, 2008

Restrict smoking in KCK

Smoking takes a huge toll on the health and finances of Kansans, killing approximately 4,000 each year and costing about $1 billion, according to the Kansas Health Policy Authority. According to a 2008 Kansas City, Kan., survey, 63 percent of residents favor an ordinance that bans smoking in places of employment and all public enclosed spaces.

I urge the Unified Government to provide regional leadership by also including restrictions on smoking in casinos. This is not only an issue for Wyandotte County. Such action would also affect reciprocal regulations for casinos in neighboring communities and establish a foundation for upcoming legislation in Kansas that could extend clean indoor air legislation statewide.

Currently, 29 cities and two counties in Kansas have tobacco-free ordinances, and other communities are working on clean indoor air ordinances. A statewide poll commissioned by the Sunflower Foundation last year showed that 71 percent of Kansans favor a statewide smoking ban.

Community leaders must adopt a public health policy in Kansas City, Kan., to provide smoke-free environments in all places of employment and all public enclosed spaces, including bars and casinos.

Ken Davis
Clinical assistant professor, health information management
Senior coordinator for advising and recruitment, School of Allied Health University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kan.



Be Careful Kansans! --- KC had a fair and equitable smoking ban until only a 2 or 3 % majority of voters were led to believe its replacement was primarily a public health issue! – Acquiesce to his logic and Ken Davis the good professor will bless you with the obligatory public congratulations then move to his next crusade. –--- Kansas City’s “THANKS” came from American Cancer Society‘s Theresa G. Ruiz and prompted the following opinion.

Ms, Ruiz
Replacing the existing non smoking ordinance was never a health issue. From its beginning the newly installed ban has been an assault on individual and private rights!
Theresa G. Ruiz celebrates the abuse of a democratic process and an eagerness to express her ignorance – or – a political acumen in pursuit of a cause. Ruiz and the American Cancer Society intend to eliminate the smoker and exhibit a willingness to accept any method or subterfuge as to how that is to be accomplished.
Overturning an adequate and equitable Kansas City smoking ban was only a “means to an end.” ---- Ruiz knows she failed to stop anyone from smoking. She only made it more inconvenient and punished businesses, their employees and customers who fail to agree with her cause. -- Ironically what little protection the non-smoker (and smoker) enjoyed Ruiz and her lemmings have destroyed. Voters have forced those “dangerous smokers” from their confined spaces and smoke eating machines into the “fresh unpolluted air” she claims to value.
Ruiz explains, “Nonsmokers with illnesses and allergies who have never been able to go to establishments that allow smoking will be afforded the same opportunities as others to work in and visit those places.” ----- Wrong, venues with non-smoking policies existed and were an available option under the previous smoking ban.
More Ruiz --- “children will be healthier and our workers will no longer be forced to decide between their health and a paycheck” -- How many children have you protected Ms Ruiz? Smokers are still smoking and now you’ve forced them into the street where the Kids are playing?
“Workers forced to decide between their health and a paycheck” Ms. Ruiz? --- Those employees are adults, capable of choosing for who, how or where they intend to earn a living. In all probability they possess a greater human capacity too better judge, tolerate and control their lives than the egotistical meddlers who violate their privacy to advance a political or social agenda.
The public becomes more vulnerable everyday to being led by people and organizations unable to separate or fathom a difference between individual rights and their political agendas. If Americans continue to refuse responsibility for their choices and actions they may soon be denied the option to refuse!

The only way the public could have been seriously endangered with the previous nonsmoking ban was by sheer stupidity. That supposition or trait is no longer in doubt!

Pub 17

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Pub 17

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Troop train leaving Leavenworth 17 Pubes, SADDLE UP!


Troop train leaving Leavenworht 17 Pubes, SADDLE UP!

Pub 17




BFD mattress tester, BFD, McCain goes to one meeting, your guy taught them, and is joined at the hip with these cheats, but then honesty is not one of your strengths is it?


You started it Markass by taking potshots at the old Rogue. If you slap me it will be my pleasure to knock you on your butt. I am too old and set in my ways to take crap from anyone.



Stay classy, Rogue...


It doesn't work that way Markass, see it is now a question of "work place safety" and providing a "decent working environment" for employees.

There is no Nazi any more dedicated than an anti-smoking Nazi. You just cannot allow anyone to have any personal freedom.

(And no, I do not smoke, but I respect the absolute right of anyone to suck down all the smoke they want.)


"I urge the Unified Government to provide regional leadership by also including restrictions on smoking in casinos."

Not likely considering the hypocritical stance the smoking-ban proponents took in KCMO. The casinos have lots of money they're willing to use to fight this sort of measure, and rather than deal with this, the proponents will exclude casinos and avoid the fight. "The right to clean air" may be universal in their minds, but apparently this right is voided in the face of a fight.

Ask business owners in KCMO how well the "it won't affect your business since you can't smoke anywhere" argument panned out for them.

My suggestion: Let adults (both employees and customers) make their own decisions. The risks of smoking are well known, and each person should be fully capable of weighing the risks and making their own decision. Wait, that means "thinking for yourself", never mind, the government should do our thinking for us in the never ending quest to "protect us from ourselves".

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