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October 20, 2008

Setback in war in Afghanistan

Top NATO general, David McKiernan said military forces are needed to tamp down militants in Afghanistan (10/13, A-14, “Afghan war isn’t failing”). Restrictions keeping some NATO members out of the fight were harmful to the mission.

Last month McKiernan ordered more restricted rules of engagement for U.S. troops, risking their lives. Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered commanders to issue apologies and money quicker to Afghans claiming to have injuries or to having a relative killed by U.S. troops, before an investigation.

Victory in Afghanistan faced a setback when, for the first time I can find in U.S. history, Marines were thrown out of a war in 2007. One hundred and twenty Special Operations Marines were attacked and thrown out. A Court of Inquiry ruled they acted appropriately, and no criminal charges were warranted. Now generals ask for more troops.

Families sending their sons and daughters to war should know about the restricted rules of engagement, apologies and how Marines were thrown out of the war in 2007.

Marijane Green
Kansas City, Kan.



"Marijane"....a very good Rick James song when I owned a bar in 1977.

War in Afghanistan....should have been the main focus of our war on terror but has been treated like a poor relation.

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