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October 25, 2008

Spreading wealth

How will wealth be spread?

We know that Sen. Obama wants to “spread the wealth around.” I wonder if those he takes from will have any input as to who would receive the wealth?

Ed “Gomer” Moody
Kansas City

Let Obama’s rich pals pony up

I have a great idea. Since Barack Obama is all about redistribution of wealth, he can definitely start with his celebrity friends, such as Oprah Winfrey. Let’s take all of her income above $250,000 (if she and the rest of them aren’t hiding it from the government). There should be lots to pass around. Maybe we can help some people out.

Then we can go to the other celebs, who like to talk like they are “Joe the Plumber” types, and go down the line from there. After we tally up all of their money, we can then start on the millions of dollars wasted during Obama’s two-year campaign to the White House.

Tell me it will be over soon, then tell me what we accomplished.

Donna Ronan
Kansas City



couldn't say it better if I tried; well, maybe I could, but it would take too much time and too many words:



"They call it fair where I come from". Well Joe, they call it stealing where I come from and I am from America. Obama mmight want to actually read the US Constitution at least once in his life. When he says spread the wealth he means $83.33 a month more for people that do not even pay income taxation.

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