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October 10, 2008

Stop nuclear plant expansion

It seems more than ironic that in a community that likes to claim being one of the more “livable” of American cities that we should assist in the expansion of the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal by giving $40 million in tax incentives to a new plant to be based in Kansas City (10/2, Business, “Decision gets pushed back; Anti-nuclear protests mark meeting on tax break for $500 million south Kansas City plan”).

I hope common sense prevails on the committee of the City Council, which should view this as 1) an immoral activity we should refuse and 2) throwing money down the drain in an age where nuclear weapons are on the way out.

The fact that money is not being budgeted to clean up the environmental hazards created by the old Bendix/now Honeywell plant making the triggers for these weapons should also sound alarm bells in the council and in our community.

Beth Seberger
Kansas City, Kan.



OMG, I actually agree with Horsey......man that's scary!


Bannister Road Honeywell FM&T is no more "immoral" today than it was when it was originally built to manufacture radial engines for Navy fighter aircraft in WW2.

Honeywell FM&T is a valuable part of our defense manufacturing base. Rather than protesting its existence or its move, we should be proud of and grateful for its decades long presence in the community and its contributions to our national defense.

If nukes really are "on the way out", Iran/China/Russia need to be let in on the secret. Beth may have seen goodness in Pooty Poot's eyes but I only see a K, a G and a B. (Stole that from McBush.)

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