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October 08, 2008

Stop the nuclear madness

Kansas City could help wipe out nuclear weapons (10/2, Business, “Decision gets pushed back; Anti-nuclear protests mark meeting on tax break for $500 million south Kansas City plan”). The plant at the Bannister Federal Complex makes non-nuclear parts for U.S. nuclear weapons. Can you fire a gun without a trigger? Well, the triggers for our nukes get made at the federal complex, along with the other non-nuclear parts for nukes.

The federal government wants to move the plant south, to Missouri 150 and Botts Road, and wants $40 million in tax incentives for water and gas lines and highway expansion. The plant would support a new generation of nuclear weapons, just what the world doesn’t need.

Even former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz have been saying nukes are too dangerous and we must dismantle them. Our City Council could move the world one huge step closer to safety by voting not to sink a huge tax incentive into nuclear madness.

Jane Stoever
Overland Park



Holstered nukes are all that keep us safe from others with similar weapons.

Of course, that safety is only maximized as long as the nukes are kept holstered with a no-first-use pledge. The madness only comes into play when someone like Rouge comes along to threaten others with their pre-emptive first use.

I'm disappointed the GOP or Chamber of Commerce haven't promoted the added value in outsourcing FMT to China or Russia instead of only relocating it a few miles from where it currently is. The free market should decide who makes our nuke stuff.


Uh Janey, Sweetie, take your little canned rant to Iran and North Korea. Those are the folks you need to worry about having Nukes. See in America we are on your side.......I think.

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