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October 12, 2008

Time to dye voters’ fingers?

Investigations about illegal voter registrations in many states is distressing. People will cheat, and that means you and I also. It’s a human tendency, and we are not proud of it.

One thing the vote in Iraq accomplished — it prevented cheating with a finger dip in blue indelible ink. Adopting that practice in the U.S. would eliminate some doubts about voter fraud. Voting should be held for one day only, and write-in votes should all be completely checked for authenticity.

Money for politicians should be limited and enforced by law. Of course, private companies could advertise at their pleasure, and the media can promote who they like.

I suggest the blue finger in future elections.

James F. Westhues
Overland Park


Dan Beyer

I suggest red dye because you know the Democrats would be completely against any attempt at eliminating voter fraud.

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