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October 09, 2008

Toddler too young for ‘Lion King’

The opening night of “Lion King” at the Music Hall was wonderful, but the evening was ruined for me by a woman who sat with a toddler on her lap and gave a conversation-level commentary during major production numbers and through quieter, more moving scenes. She dropped to a lower tone, but never a whisper. A child that young should not have been there.

The promoters, and the theater itself, suggested that people not bring children under 5. At the start of the performance, an announcer reminded people to turn off their cell phones. Yet a person speaking to a child too young to follow the show is every bit as annoying and distracting as someone speaking on the phone.

Please don’t buy expensive theater tickets for children under 5. A ticket to the show is not a pass to disrupt others’ enjoyment.

Beth Meyers


T. Hanson

Wait, you mean there is a non-animated Lion King?

Just Kidding, but really some parents should think that something that has the name of a Disney movie might not be the same thing. Also weren't the tickets like $80? Expensive to bring a kid to that won't understand what all the dancing was about.


The thoughtlessness of some people never ceases to amaze me.


I agree with Beth that only age appropriate children should be at these shows. However, if anyone is having a problem with any of the patrons, it should be brought to the attention of the ushers/house manager. They will take care of the situation so that everyone enjoys the performance around them - not just the mother and her child.

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