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October 10, 2008

Unmasked author unmasked

Marjorie Owen (10/6, Letters) may wish to reconsider her stance against Barack Obama based upon the book Obama Unmasked because its author, Floyd Brown, is the same man who scripted the 1988 racially-tinged Willie Horton ad against Michael Dukakis. He is an author whose works few of us would be proud of using to shape our vote.

Using Brown’s own birds-of-a-feather reasoning: Brown is tied to racists such as segregationist Jim Johnson of Arkansas, the leader of the White Citizens Council. Johnson became infamous for stirring up racial hatred, which culminated in the 1957 Little Rock Central High School desegregation crisis.

This is the same Jim Johnson that Floyd Brown gave a special thanks to in the acknowledgments of Brown’s Slick Willie book. I doubt Ms. Owens would trust this author is she knew his background.

Anneta Buster
Overland Park



I agree. Not a hint of even a question of what the author wrote... As silence is consent, can we assume that the letter writer is completely unable to refute anything in the book? But then again, I don't need to read about Obama, I must listen to what he says.


I don't know anything about "Obama Unmasked" or its author, but it seems to me that the only relevant consideration is whether the things that are said about Obama are true.


BuddyBigottyT, you idiot,

I have never expressed any support for ACORN or Sen Obama. You are just such a moron that unless a person considers blacks working for their community racists, and makes up stupid names for the Dems candidate, you can't get it through your tiny little pea brain.

As I've said here many times I've always voted Republican but this time I can't go with the pitiful joke of a ticket(IMO) that we are offered. You were never for McCain, you used to ridicule him but, just like him, you have flip flopped. You even have found a way to support his power abusing running mate, Gov Winky.

So please, feel free to call me Race Card because I'm not a stank bigot like yourself.

Race Card, signing off.


Wow tailor made for you Race Card go get'em ACORN booster!

BTW did you notice that ACORN is now under investigation in 13 states? Can you say VOTER FRAUD, & Mortgage Meltdown??? Thank you Osama Yomama and ACORN for teachig us all how to cheat.

The Indep. MO election board is turning all the phone registrations over to the Jackson County Prosecutor! About damn time. I hope these clowns spend about ten years each in an 8x8 cell with Bubba!~


Floyd is one of the brains behind "Willie Horton"?

Say it ain't so, Floyd.

What other lunatics is McBush hiding behind?

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