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October 24, 2008

U.S. will be either racist or ageist

Lewis Diuguid (10/22, Opinion, “Election predictions are holding up so far”) seems to tell us the only reason Bill Richardson didn’t get elected was because of ethnicity. For Mitt Romney it was because of religious bigotry, and for Hillary Clinton it was because of sexism. And if Obama is not elected, it’s because of “this country’s burning fires of racism.”

Really, Mr. Diuguid? Are those the only reasons that candidates are rejected by the electorate? Then I submit that if John McCain is not elected, it could be only because of ageism.

In Diuguid’s world there seem to be no other factors that count other than the bigotry of the voters. It must be a great comfort to Mr. Diuguid to live in a world where no one is ever called to account for what they did. Then they can blame every failure on their demographic category.

By Diuguid’s logic, the results of this election will prove that we are either a racist or ageist country.

Bill Gaughan
Louisburg, Kan.


Art Chick

Nah, if McSAME isn't elected, it's because he's a no-good, philandering daddy's boy, a spoiled brat who doesn't know from one day to the next just WHAT he believes in or stands for.... ...Oh yeah, it's whatever the party says, or Palin whispers in his ear.
What an idiot.


Lewis may be right. If there were no discrimination they all should have won the nomination. As I read his arguments everyone winning is the only way in which the American electorate could prove it is not showing racial or some other prejudice. There is a small problem with this, but....


Typical editorial dribble from “Lewis Do – Good ? ” with his suggestion --- “I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bush toss the keys of the stalled-out nation to McCain as America fails the presidential diversity test. But I’d love to be proven wrong on Nov. 4.”
Diuguid doesn’t need an election to be proven wrong! His personal racism and writings speak to that quite handily. His 10/22 column only prepares readers for more of the same trash regardless of who wins this or the next presidency.
Even an Obama win will elicit some convoluted explanation or conspiracy theory that allows him to practice the same damaging racial rhetoric he has used in the past.


One cannot describe the dumb that comes from Diuguid.


Diuguid is a moron, and he proved it on a national level with his last column. I am ashamed to be from the same area this dipstick resides in.....what a loser.


There is no racism, the 90 something percent of black voters are voting for Barack Hussein Obama based on the issues.

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