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October 21, 2008

Views on JoCo judges question

Johnson Countians should consider one burning question before voting on Question 1: Should judges be elected? What is the absolute worst thing that can happen if I vote yes?

The answer: We could end up with Phill Kline as a judge. Would you want him hearing your court case?

Ed Beck

If Question 1 is opposed by The Star and a majority of attorneys in Johnson County, that should give the people more reason to vote for it.

K.A. Parker



Until this election year, I've always voted in Chicago, where judges are elected. I always thought it was stupid to elect judges because if voters have a hard time keeping track of major candidates' positions on issues, how are they supposed to know anything about judicial candidates who do virtually no campaigning?

So I'd stand in the voting booth facing page after page of judicial candidates' names and consider voting for the women -- or men with interesting names -- and then I'd put the stylus down and not vote for any judges. After all, I would have to be an attorney or a repeat offender to be familiar with any of those names. I don't see how the electorate could possibly do our judicial system justice by electing people we know nothing about.

Dan Beyer

You said it correctly T. Hanson,

T. Hanson

Kline who? Oh yea the guy that was not voted in... and infact was voted out... twice!

Dan Beyer

Add Ed Beck's name to the feeble-minded that's afflicted with Star induced "Kline Derangement Syndrome".
How sad and pathetic.

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