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October 15, 2008

West Edge headaches

The residents of Kansas City are without sympathy for the West Edge development (10/9, Business, “Agency: Developer fails to reach goals; The TIF Commission finds West Edge project didn’t have enough minority participation”).

From the beginning it has been a project of greed when it displaced the residents of that block, who were not living in blight. Now construction, which was supposed to be completed in spring 2008, will be delayed at least until spring 2009.

Meanwhile everyone who drives the northbound thoroughfare has had to suffer the closed lanes of traffic. The construction a few blocks north has even compounded the problem.

The city should impose a nuisance fee on projects that interfere with traffic.

Larry A. Vaughn
Kansas City



Has anyone ever really suffered from a closed lane of traffic? In this case it makes his other opinions petty, as it became the tone of his letter. You'd think he would be more concerned with why the project has stalled.


"The city should impose a nuisance fee on projects that interfere with traffic."

It sounds like Mr. Vaughn has problems with a lot of the issues surrounding the project. Why he concludes that addressing the inconvenient traffic patterns is the answer is beyond me.

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