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November 19, 2008

A nation of fast talkers

Congratulations and thanks to all the candidates who spoke slowly and distinctly during their campaigns so that senior citizens like me could easily understand their words without straining.

My point is that so many people speaking on the radio or television are in a race to see who can say the most words per minute. This trend is being picked up and practiced more and more widely, especially among the younger set.

Please slow down your words per minute so we can better grasp what you are saying. Either you are speaking too fast, or I am listening too slowly. This is not only my opinion. Others are noticing it, too.

Not too long ago, advertisers began employing fast talkers to do their commercials. Since their cost is based on air time, more words per minute make sense. With my slower-listening problem, I sort of liked those commercials, because they are quick, and since they are said too fast for me to understand the words I’m spared from listening to them.

How about you?

Vince Fellner


Pub 17

Or, you're now old and you're hearings shot. Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn!


Go judge a highschool forensic tourney, sad. Half the time you can not understand a word the kids are regurgitating at lightning speed. Of course, voters elect people based on how well they speak, not their substance.


Ever seen an old movie? People have always talked fast. And people talk faster in urban areas than in the rural parts of the country. As far as I know this has always been the case. All this guy is saying is that he's getting too old to follow a normal conversation. This isn't anyone's fault, he's just old and slow.

I can't believe this letter was printed.

KC news Hound

Good Idea Vince but I don't think they want you to understand because they aren't saying anything! All they want to to hear is the catch phrases.

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